I wrote this book because it has been a life long dream of mine to present my works concerning performance poetry, songs, short plays, thoughts, and insights concerning this world that we all live in. Until now my focus has been on stage performance, but the constant insistence from friends that I put my work in book form along with the sudden opportunity to do so I decided that it is time to do so. You will notice that I have come up with my own style of writing. It is not because I lack the skills to write as others do "I could write works that would send most people running to find a dictionary but instead I choose to write in plain language" because I chose to create my own style of writing that is much like the way I speak. So as you read this book you can choose to waste time pointing out what you feel are mistakes and incorrectness in the written word such as me writing down the middle of the page with no punctuation, or you can let go of all of that, and allow yourself to go with me through what has been a life long journey, through the human experience as seen through my eye's as a poet, singer, actor, playwright and basic human being whose mode of transportation has been creativity in all it's many forms. While it is true that I have written all the works that are in this book, it is also true that they come from true experiences I have had in one form or another.

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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania In 1957 Michele is a self taught poet, actor, singer, writer and coordinator of events. He began writing at the age of 12. In the 1980's he began reading poetry on K.U.C.B. FM radio in Des Moines, Iowa. Upon moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1990's he continued to write but decided to upgrade his works by becoming a Performance Poet.

Separating from society Michele lived in an abandoned house in west Philadelphia where there was no electricity, no running water, plastic for windows, candles for light and a fireplace for heat. For two-and-a-half-years he wrote and rehearsed what is now his core body of works call the "Wind Spirit Movement;" a combination of spoken word poetry with and without music, vocal songs with and without music, monologs, and short stories.

After leaving the house he began creating his own concerts every where and any where he could throughout the United States and abroad. Michele has appeared in such plays as "The amen Corner" and "Cobb" as well as numerous radio and television programs. Micheles life is his creative works. At the insistence of friends he has decided to present this book to the public in hopes that it may open some doors for him to continue living his dream. At this time Michele lives in Hilo Hawaii with his wife being his dream.

You can contact Michele at micheledalton1957@yahoo.com

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